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Texas Rainwater Harvesting - Catch Texas Rain: Educating both Children and Adults about Rainwater Harvesting, Water Conservation and Sustainable Resources

In accordance with our mission of helping people gain more control over water resources in an environmentally friendly way, Texas Rainfall Catchment is actively involved in the community. We volunteer our time helping to restore habitat and preserve natural areas. We are also committed to educating both children and adults about water.

Rainwater Harvesting Presentations

Texas Rainfall Catchment offers a variety of free presentations to city and civic organizations, educational institutions, non-profit organizations and churches. Below are examples of some presentation we have given:

  • Overview of Rainwater Harvesting
  • Water Conservation and How Rainwater Harvesting Can Help
  • Landscaping with Rainwater
  • LEED - Water Efficiency and Storm Water Management
  • Is a Rainwater Harvesting System Right for You - How to Decide
  • Active and Passive Rainwater Harvesting Systems

  • We can also tailor a presentation to address your organization's specific interests.

    Children's Programs

    Our children's programs are targeted to grades 4 - 8. They teach children about how the aquifer works and how pollution affects the aquifer. The programs involve hands-on experiments with water and dirt and are best done outside. We primarily present these programs through city parks departments and through school "educational field trips". The programs are free, but the sponsoring organization provides the materials for any take-home projects (for example, Build Your Own Aquifer).

  • The Hydrologic Cycle
  • Water Movement Through the Aquifer
  • Build Your Own Aquifer
  • Non-point Source Pollution and the Aquifer
  • The Role of Plants in Water Filtration
  • Make it Rain - Simple Model of a Rainwater Catchment System

  • Rain Barrel Workshops

    You don't have to install a whole-house system in order to rainwater. You can start small with rain barrels. Rain barrels are also a good alternative for people who live on small lots but want to use rainwater in their landscaping. To that end, we have developed a workshop that gives participants hands-on experience in building a rain barrel. The rain barrels are designed specifically to handle Hill Country rain patterns (i.e. heavy, short downpours). The cost of the workshop is $5.00 per person.

    The workshop includes:
  • Types of rain barrels and features to look for
  • How to build a rain barrel (instructions and hands-on demonstration)
  • Rainwater collection and storage
  • Rainwater use in landscapes and gardens
  • Participants will receive:
  • A list of rain barrel suppliers
  • A list of parts required and instructions to make the rain barrel demonstrated in the workshop
  • A hand-out on gutter connections
  • A list of plants suitable for rain gardens

  • At the sponsoring organization's request, we can arrange a bulk rain barrel purchase of fully-assembled rain barrels or of kits which participants can assemble themselves.

    Past workshops have been approved for master naturalist advanced training credit.

    If you are interested in any of these programs, please contact Susan Oualline or call 630-781-8982.

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