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Texas Rainwater Harvesting - Catch Texas Rain: Free Consultation / Estimate for a Rainwater Collection System in San Antonio, the Hill Country, Texas and Surrounding States
We offer free estimates to builders and homeowners who are considering purchasing a turnkey rainwater harvesting system of 5,000 gallons or more. If you are thinking about putting in a system of 2,500 gallons or less, doing it yourself will be much more cost-effective than having a professional rainwater harvesting installer do it for you. Texas Rainfall Catchment offers design services and consultations for systems less than 5,000 gallons. Design services start at $150.

An acccredited rainwater systems professional* will visit your property to discuss your water use needs and review potential catchment areas and tank locations. Texas Rainfall Catchment will then provide you with a free estimate for a turnkey rainwater harvesting system on your site. We also offer a more indepth analysis for $50. The analysis includes the following:

  1. High-level analysis of potential rainwater capture on your site
    • Water budget
    • Projected monthly water demand
  2. Discussion about the type of system desired:
    • Potable - for use inside the house
    • Non-potable - for landscaping use
    • Combination potable and non-potable

  3. List of rainwater options that would work on your site
    • Filtering methods
    • Storage options
    • Types of tanks

  4. Guidance on the following:
    • Land requirements
    • Aesthetic concerns
    • Rainwater harvesting laws and HOAs
    • Landscaping practices
    • Use of existing infrastructure components

  5. List of incentives available in your area

Here are some preliminary questions for you to answer to get the most out of your site visit:
  • What do you want to use the water for?
  • Approximately how much water do you think you will need?
  • Do you have house/roof/elevation plans that you could send to us? or
  • What is the address of the existing building so we can look at it on Google Earth?
  • What is your roof footprint?
  • How high are the eaves?
  • How big is the lot?

Call 210-587-7037 to schedule your site visit. Site visits cannot be scheduled through email.
* Accreditation by ARCSA (American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association)

Accreditation process
From ARCSA website (www.arcsa.org):
In the past few years, rainwater catchment has become a popular and sometimes necessary way to augment water supplies. Due to this, ARCSA believes the general public and other trades need a mechanism to evaluate consultants', installers', or vendors' expertise; that is, a way to set a minimum standard of knowledge in the consultant they choose to design their system. To this end, ARCSA is now providing a training process to members to set a minimum level of demonstrated knowledge of rainwater catchment systems. ARCSA has decided to call this process, which is based on the US Green Building Council's process, a Rainwater Catchment Systems Accredited Professional. The purpose of accreditation is to recognize individuals who have demonstrated a competency of general knowledge and experience to provide advice and/or assistance in the use of rainwater capture.

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