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Texas Rainwater Harvesting Installation Services for Residential Builders in San Antonio, the Hill Country, Texas and Surrounding States
Services for Builders

If you are a custom builder who builds on acreage (>= 1 acre) lots, consider partnering with us to offer your clients a renewable alternative to hard well water and municipal water utilities. Rainwater catchment systems are competively priced with well-water systems. Since rainwater is naturally soft, if the water will be used inside the house, water softeners are not needed. Gardeners prefer rainwater because it does not leach calcium (which clogs up irrigation lines) like well and municipal water. Rainwater contains dissolved nitrogen which acts as a natural fertilizer, and rainwater harvesting systems are not subject to watering restrictions.

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Texas Rainfall Catchment can provide following:
  • Free estimates
  • Budget numbers for a rainwater harvesting system to include in your bid
  • Firm quotes* for your client when plans and site location of all buildings and structures are finalized
  • Feasibility studies
  • Determination of water capture potential
  • Analysis of the rainfall history using the NOAA database
  • Calculation of gross water demand by analyzing the landscape plan, water features and potable requirements
  • Possible tank locations and storage options
  • Brochures on rainwater harvesting to hand out to your clients
  • Consulting services

  • * Documents needed in order to prepare an accurate quote:
  • Site layout with elevations which shows the size of the lot; location of the house, septic tank and spray field
  • Roof plan
  • Exterior elevations

  • Get Texas Rainfall Catchment involved in the planning stage before you start building.
  • In the planning stage, we reconfirm the feasibility study recommendations and incorporate any changes that have been made in the design plans
  • There are rules and codes concerning water storage tanks and sewer lines/septic spray fields as well as connections to supplemental water
  • In a wet system, it may be more cost effective for your earthwork contractor to dig conveyance line trenches since he/she is alreay on site
  • Rainwater harvesting should be scheduled just like any other trade
  • Because water storage tanks are large, they may need to be delivered before any out buildings are constructed
  • The conveyance system should be installed before hardscape (e.g. patios, sidewalks) and irrigation lines are installed
  • The conveyance system cannot be installed until downspout locations are known
  • Pipes which will be encased in cement need to be sleeved

  • Call us at 630-781-8982 or send an email to info@TexasRainfallCatchment.com to find out more about adding rainwater harvesting to your projects.

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